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Live Yard

Mounting Yard Mail - provided by a live daily feed (metro meets). Assessing 3 critical factors: Health, Behavioural and Parade - the final piece to the puzzle.

  • Health:A score out of 10 on the health appearance of the horse.

  • Behaviour Negatives: None. Minor or Major.

    • None: Horse has no notable behavioural negatives that should impact its race.
    • Minor: Could be of up to 2 lengths cost.
    • Major: 3 or more lengths in cost
  • Comments:Based on how horse parades and also knowing how horse has previously paraded.

  • Yard Rating:This is a rating out of 10 in how the horses parade compared to all others in race. A rating of 7 or less would be a negative and a rating of 8 and above is a positive.

  • Yard selections:The top 4 from the parade rated by our analyst put in an easy to see section. As some races you may have multiple horses rated equally high.

  • Yard against:A horse ‘in the market’ that is parading with significant negatives. We are willing to be ‘Against’ or ‘Lay’ this runner.

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