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AFL Round 17 - Friday 17 Sep 11 Cats vs Tigers

2 months ago

Round 17 


Friday Sep 11 2020


by Joe The Goose

Doesn't get any crueler than that free kick on the siren to the Eagles to cost the unders line and the same game multi , footy betting can break your heart !  Regardless of that with Eagles beating the line made it a profitable night and we move on to what should be a cracking game.
Cats Vs Tigers
The cats have been in red hot form and did the right thing by us in their brutal demolition of  the lifeless  Dons last week.  The Tigers on the other hand will be keen to put a controversial week behind them after a couple of their players  thought they were on schoolies and not in a protected hub. 
Game should be played with high intensity with a top 4 or even higher spot on the line. WIth that intensity and in windy and greasy conditions I will be playing the unders line and doing a same game multi.
There have been a few requests from members asking about the $50 money back offers from some  corps on same game multis, Sportsbet for example offer 3 per game on Thurs/Fri night so i will put up how i would play those if you have them avaialble.
Suggested Plays
Total Points Under  114.5 $1.90 Tab   
Outlay: 2U
Same Game Multi
Mitch Duncan 15+
Tom Stewart 15+
Sam Menegola 20+
Any time Goal Scorer Tom Hawkins and Tom Lynch
Odds Sportsbet  $2.60 
Outlay: 1U
Promo plays
Money Back offers
Mitch Duncan 15+
Tom Stewart 15+
Any Time Goal Kicker Tom Hawkins and Gryan Miers 
Odds $2.75 Sportsbet
Mitch Duncan 15+
Tom Stewart 15+
Any Time Goal Kicker Tom Lynch and Gryan Miers 
Odds $3.0 Sportsbet
Mitch Duncan 15+
Tom Stewart 15+
Any Time Goal Kicker Gary Rowan and Jack Riewoldt 
Odds $2.75 Sportsbet
Good Luck if Playing