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AFL Round 18 Updated Sep 18th

1 month ago

AFL Round 18 

By Joe The Goose
The final round of the AFL season always throws up multitude of variables which makes punting a minefield, especially around margin and total points markets .  
1, Which teams have "checked" out already?
2, Which teams are playing for draft picks?
3, Are any players going to be rested or be cautious with finals coming up?
4, Which teams have picked out their preferred finals opponent?
5, Which teams out of finals contention will play like it's their grand final and their careers are on the line and which will play like they want the coach sacked. 
6, Will the favs get 24 points in front and then just play kick it kick? 
You often get some absolute blowouts or suprize results so i am going to play it by having a cross game multi of results i am confident in and then a few small darts at some big priced outcomes in the other games.
Kangas vs West Coast
West Coast with a top 4 spot on the table come up against North who have lost 
14 of their last 15 , surely West Coast get the job done here.
For the reasons mentioned above not prepared to have a decent play on margin or total points but confident that the Eagles win and that Luke McDonald get 15+ disposals .
Suggested Plays 
Cross Game Multi 
Eagles to Win/L McDonald 15+ 
Jack Steele St Kilda  20+ 
Melbourne to Win
Richmond To Win
Brisbane to Win
Price $3.58   Sportsbet 2 Units
For those playing the Sportsbet same game multi promo's i suggest 
West Coast To win
L McDonald 15+
J Darling 2+ Goals
Price $2.37
West Coast To win
L McDonald 15+
D Sheed anytime goal scorer 
Price $2.87
West Coast To win
L McDonald 15+
A Hall anytime goal scorer 
Price $3.00
St Kilda vs GWS
The loser of this encounter is out of finals contention and the reality of that can hit hard late in the game . I have seen it many times that the losing team facing that reality drops right away , the shoulders  slump and the other team runs away with it . I am banking on that happening here.
Suggsted Play
Cross Game Multi
West Coast vs Kangas     L McDonald 15+
GWS to win by 25+   
Tab Odds $6.78     .75  Unit
Cross Game Multi
West Coast vs Kangas     L McDonald 15+
Saints by 25+   
Tab Odds $4.40     1.25 Units
I will update this article each day 
Good Luck if playing 
Good start with Eagles vs Kangas game going as played , so we have all three muti's still alive sowill just leave as is for this game and just put up some same game multi's for those playing the sporstsbet bonus bet promo's, everything else i would suggest to stay out.
Same Game Multi Promo Bets
Billings 15 +                     Billings 15+              Billings 15+
Taranto 15+                     Taranto 15+              Taranto 15+
Membry Goal Scorer          Ricardo GS               Finlayson GS
Odds   $2.25                     $2.10                      $2.25
Good luck and I will update Satuday .