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DOFF’S DEBRIEF | Rosehill March 14th

4 months ago

Rosehill raced heavy first couple then became bottomless in back half. 
Instead of going through race by race on how they paraded, I think it would be more beneficial to us to identify the horses going forward that would appreciate the soft tracks and ones that would improve significantly if they find a dry service over the carnival. Lots of horses looked very fit and well Saturday but failed to handle the conditions. Below I'll identify the ones that paraded in good order and can be followed if the right conditions present. 
Race 1
Heavy: Zoffanys Lad
Dry: Yonkers, Welsh Legend 
Race 2
Heavy: Kumasi 
Dry: Aim
Race 3
Heavy: Time Is Precious Thermosphere Jemma
Dry: Kaakit Skit
Race 4
Heavy: Star Of The Seas Diplomatic
Dry: Grey Worm
Race 5
Heavy: Funstar
Race 6
Heavy: Imaging Yulong Prince
Dry: Nobu
Race 7
Heavy: Delectation Girl Noire 
Dry: Sweet Scandal
Race 8
Heavy: Master Of Wine 
Dry: Life Less Ordinary
Race 9
Heavy: N/A
Dry: Something Fast