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2 months ago

Race 1 – Pace was Even. 2 obvious horses to follow here and 2 different scenarios that can eventuate from blinkers being applied. Starting with Degas. Nothing went right for him. Missed the start then used up to find a position midfield and overdid it from there with the non-existent tempo. He was really good under the circumstances. Thought after his 1st up run there was only going to be one way to ride him with blinkers and that would be on pace and rolling. Wouldn't be surprised to see them removed for his enforced trial and next start as I think Munce made an error here. Angus The Black. Restrained early was the right play here giving him a chance to finish off consequently all but ruling out his winning chance. He looks a carbon copy of his brother Macewen and from what I can see he will prove to be just as good a horse. If he drew better he wins without a doubt. Can win one soon and keep winning as he is the type of horse who will revel up in grade. More tempo and a bigger track also ideal for him

Race 2 – Pace was Even. The betting and the pre race hurdles for Quality Seeker all pointed towards a win for Illwendo. Brad Stewart took the bull by the horns here when neither M Wishart/Boom Boom Epic or S Thornton/Quality Seeker were keen on leading and he made it a one act affair. Absolutely nothing to take from this race going forward.

Race 3 – Pace was Slow. They looked to go faster early than what they actually did. Brad Stewart wasn't giving up the inside here and despite the tempo not being great pretty much brought Papaya undone and set the race up for Tumbler Ridge. Good win by him but the opposition didn't put in great runs. Thrasher improved here up in distance and you would have to think he would be well placed in a 1600m maiden at the Sunny Coast soon. Papaya was a pass mark but she looks to be done for this prep and hard to like going forward. Maybe forgive Mishani Epic. Don't think he handled Doomben or the drop back distance all that well. Also did a bit wrong in the straight and perhaps not a kid's horse.

Race 4 – Pace was Even. Not a great deal to learn from this race. Adelase surely wins one soon. The mile on a big track would be ideal. Maillot Juane Moi ran well after being restrained to find the fence and can be competitive back home on the Sunny Coast over 1400-1600m at good odds.

Race 5 – Pace was Very Fast. Watch the Cat found a great spot here from the barrier by Sean Cormack with the tempo being stronger than forecast. He was never going to get beat against this lot the way he travelled up to them. There looks more to come from this bloke as he steps up in distance. 1800M looks ideal for him. Speaking Bad was the only danger I could find on paper and she did what she normally does and closed off best to finish 3rd. Wary of her going forward as she has gone very well here and may take a dip next start. Every horse has their day but she will be tricky to catch.

Race 6 – Pace was Even. Niedorp was without doubt the performance of the day . I was wrong here. She had some very good non-winning runs in Brisbane and even more so in Melbourne more recently and she picked up from where she left off there and in hindsight I think we can see that she is also clearly a Doomben horse. However despite being wrong on my assessment of Niedorp I do feel I would have the same bet again in the same scenario. Top odds for Niedorp even before MBL appear to have been around the $2.8 mark (BSP $1.82). The Great Boombino bounced back with the Pacifiers being re-applied, led easily after some solid early intent by Boris Thornton after Huxtable got bluffed out of the lead on Tapa by Nothdurft. Outsprinted and outclassed by the winner but she still kicked to comfortably run 2nd at $4.36 BSP the place. Poor Ramtastic probably the one to follow from this. Continues to run well without winning but will get his chance sooner rather than later off that run.

Race 7 – Pace was Fast. No place for the faint hearted here. Shadow Of Time worked like a trojan all race. Showed some promise in his first prep but has definitely come back a better horse and can drop back in grade to win soon. The Move was good but always starts in the market and is over-hyped for mine. A couple of backmarkers to follow going forward who despite being suited were good runs. Firstly Jeweliana. Was always going to run into it the way they hooked along but found some traffic in the straight which stopped all her momentum and went to the line basically untested. The same lot of interference saw Robbie Fradd take precautionary hold of Ziemba who also looked to be running into it well in the straight until he lost his momentum. Both want further than 1200m and bigger tracks. O'Dea also has blinkers up his sleeve with Jeweliana.

Race 8 – Pace was Very Slow. This was a benefit for Get Stuck In as most thought it would be. Led, controlled and run off into the sunset winning again. Victory Eight went much better than the eye can tell and should improve off that run. Not suited here so definitely worth a stick in something with a bit more tempo. Plitvice continued his good form here up in grade doing what he has been doing. Convinced he is a big track 1400m horse. Surely he gets freshened up now? Magnufighter also unsuited went well back in distance.

Race 9 – Pace was Even. Another Huddy benefit here with this race totally put on for Macewen. Six Sigma was a pest to Moonshine Lady who did nothing but drift up in grade so the market forecast something like this was going to happen. The real Macewen stood up here. Starvirgo went a bit keen here 2nd up and just knocked up late. Wouldn't mind seeing him drop back to 1050-1100m 3rd up and take a sit if possible.

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