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1 month ago

Race 1 – Not quite sure what to make of this form going forward but one thing is for sure MAOTAI & UNCOMMON JAMES are both horses of the future.


Race 2 – The less said about this "race" the better.


Race 3 – AYRTON showed a much better turn of foot up to the mile here and was ridden perfectly by James McDonald. This bloke is definitely not a sprinter. 1400m minimum and big things are in store for him later this year. A star well and truly on the rise.


Race 4 – Not much happened here. KNIGHT'S ORDER led, dictated, kicked and kept kicking.


Race 5 – ZAAKI found one one, went keen and whipped around to sit off Reloaded when the rider on him had enough of the steady pace. He was barely asked for anything here and was still far superior. I'll go out on a limb here and say this horse is better at 1800-2000m.


Race 6 – GEE TEE TEE was disappointing here. GARIBALDI bounced back to form. Great run in the worst part of the track with the tempo against. How many times can they go to the well with him?


Race 7 – Pretty ordinary JJ Atkins this year but CONVERGE was most definitely it's saving grace. A professional little horse who is going to win his fair share of races. He may struggle against the top rung in Sydney next season.


Race 8 – TOFANE was the right horse for this race and she duly saluted after copping an absolute 10 from Craig Williams. The runner up VEGA ONE was great once again here being the main survivor of the on pace runners.


Race 9 – Craig Williams found the fast lane here on BROOKLYN HUSTLE and she hammered home. Finding that lane basically gave her every possible chance stepping up beyond 1200m for the first time. If JEN RULES were to go back in distance I could easily follow her but that is unlikely as all of these will most likely be going to the Tiara in a fortnight. The horse to follow into the Tiara for mine is COVENTINA BAY. This mare was coming off 56 days break. She did have a trial but you would think she will be improved fitness wise after that run as she looked to knock up late but was still very good on the worst part of the track. Upto 1400m better.


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Author: Luke Bevilacqua.