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The Championships

3 weeks ago
With the Rosehill Slipper carnival now over, we move on to the grand finals of racing "The Championships" 
Below I have listed the horses heading towards this carnival with improvement to come from a yard perspective:
Private Eye: 2 to 4 lengths
She's Ideel: 4 to 6 lengths
Miami Bound: 4 to 6 lengths
Nettoyer: 2 to 4 lengths
Mo'unga: 2 to 4 lengths
Khoekhoe: 4 to 6 lengths
Order Of Command: 2 to 4
Air To Air: 4 to 6 lengths
Icebath: 2 to 4 lengths
Brandenburg: 2 to 4 lengths
Peltzer:  2 to 4 lengths
Southern France: 2 to 4 lengths
Spirit Ridge: 4 to 6 lengths
Rock: 4 to 6 lengths
Make sure you check the raceday yard reports to see if any of these have improved. 
Good punting 🐎