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3 months ago



It poured rain after scratching time and the strong westerly wind never came which allowed things to play more evenly than I anticipated. The inside quickly chopped out and down the middle was the pattern, it was not impossible to make ground where the tempo allowed.


Race 1 – Silver Race


They went quick early but then a mid-race breather meant they were able to scoot home and was impossible for the fave from that far back. AIDENSFIELD found the leaders back here, eased off heels in the straight and won this in good style. OUT OF ISOLATION sat outside her, hit the front in the straight and went well. I was with the fave NATIONAL CHOICE, he was probably 3-4 lengths back from where they would have liked, the leaders had a tiny breather mid race and he was then in lots of trouble. He’s after further now and his effort was still good. I think all three have scope.



Race 2 – Bronze Race


This race got ripped apart by scratchings. They didn’t go quickly here and as a result most held their position. VIRAL had the sweet run one pair back and outsprinted them. STRATEGIC PHIL backed up a good effort fresh with another good run, expect he runs well in similar. SO YOU SWING made good ground against the tempo here and is the one most likely to follow from a race I’m not too keen about going forward.


Race 3 – Bronze race


Two talking points here. OASIS GIRL can run a strong mile and dead set trotted in, she likes the sting out and nice racing pattern, she ran them into the ground and put up good numbers. They may think about something better for her soon. EXCELMAN went like a busted, he pulled up with a slow recovery which they can bounce back from, if you are a fan I wouldn’t pen him. THE LIFELINE got caught wide and needs the paddock.


Race 4 – Silver race


Only an average speed. SUPRE got under my guard here, had a nice run in behind them and was a clever ride to keep building momentum on her and had she got clear earlier she wins by further. I got sucked in by a few of these but ARCTIC SHOCK copped quite an indecisive ride early here, caught wide on speed her effort was very good and up in trip again she can remain competitive.



Race 5 - Bronze race


FELICIA drove up to hold the fence, she was travelling but I do not think she ran the trip out. BUTTON EXPRESS has been up forever, sat outside her and out-toughed her only to be swooped late by BARBIE’S FOX who backed up a nice jump out on Monday with a decent win. PAUL’S REGRET was a hard luck tale, she got chopped out on the bend and arguably wins if she gets that run. She has a win in her soon. SHE SHAO FLY worked home well too, as did TUBBY TWO TRACKS.


Race 6 – Silver race


Not much to say here, I was interested in HANG MAN, he had every possible and ran terribly. SO SI BON I thought had a tricky map, he got lucky early when one scooted around him to give him cover, but he’s going very well and walked this in,  he put up good figures in the process. 


Race 7 – Bronze race


SHOT OF IRISH showed his big win last week was no fluke, he was up in trip here but his preference for the wet track shone through and he was very strong. AUSSIE NUGGET made terrific ground form the back and he is no question a Saturday class galloper, a win isn’t far away.


Race 8 – Silver race


Finally got something out of the day with NEWS GIRL,  who sat just off the leader TAVISAN and got to the right pat of the track and the clever claim helped her get the better of CORUSCATE who again ran well. ESPERANCE picked up late again as he did fresh, he looks after further. NEVER AGAIN was off the bit a long way out but he didn’t shirk it, he can improve to 1400m.


Race 9 – Silver Race


Ouch. Value bet BEAUTY SUPREME was here fresh, went forward and got the better of the fave ABSOLUTE FLIRT but the Bendigonian HI STRANGER had other ideas and got up the inside of both for a strong win. I thought THE ASTORLOGIST needed further, he missed the kick slightly here and was back, caught a little flat footed when the sprint went on he rattled late and is crying out for 1200m+, it was a great return.