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The Sultan's Rosehill Review March 21

3 months ago

This is going to be a very difficult meeting to assess. Early on it seemed to be tempo related, but I think we can conclude there was very much an on pace bias and it was impossible to make any ground out wide and win. Winners were scooting up the inside, and for some reason they kept moving out wide on the bend! Merit added to anything that made ground out wide.


Race 1

DAWN PASSAGE was the unlucky runner. Clark copped some criticism to drag him back, but it’s a bit of cut off your face to spite your nose in this case. If he’s squeezed early to hold a spot, he probably doesn’t run on. He’s a get back horse and not sure he’s anything else. He was unlucky and ran a R F L600m, but not sure it was a huge “follow me” run. The one I’d want to be on next start to 1400m is HILO. He was trapped back and wide early, then zigged when he should have zagged in the straight. His L600/200m was only just shaded by Dawn Passage and he was back in trip from 1250m. Up to 1400m 3rd up he’s well and truly in the mix.

HTF HILO 1400m 2nd up


Race 2

YOUNG RASCAL was all guts here and considering his SP, you’d think there’s improvement to come. He has beaten MIRAGE DANCER back home and to win fresh over 2400m is some effort. He looks the rightful Sydney Cup favourite off this effort. SUPERNOVA was probably the biggest flashing light of the entire day. He does have a get back style, but there was absolutely zero intent from the gates and he was never given a hope. His effort to run 3rd was huge and he has ripped home in 33.58 for his L600m (10.93/11.13/11.52). That’s low flying and 3rd up he surely runs a race.

HTF YOUNG RASCAL rightful Sydney Cup fave / SUPERNOVA


Race 3

In terms of runs in defeat and adding merit to anything that ran on out wide, GAYATRI was the run of the day in my opinion. She ran home out wide in a clear R F L6/4/200m and just missed. She is a must to follow 3rd up.

HTF GAYATRI is flying


Race 4

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to AVILIUS. He had the opportunity to hold a position early, but elected to go back, but all said, he has officially been a disappointment over the past 6 months and it’s time to let him go. ADDEYBB and VERRY ELLEEGANT gapped 3rd and it was a great race. Again, the Haggas runner got gutsy once headed. He stays at 2000m next start in the Queen Elizabeth, but considering all the talk that he hates it firm, if the QE is wet then he looks bloody hard to beat. That looks like a fantastic race!


Race 5

DREAMFORCE got a walk in the park here and it was impossible for anything to make ground. TE AKAU SHARK was a forgive. He was back and wide and with the shape of this race, even if he had cover, it was impossible for him to win. He ran a R F L600m and did so as the widest runner. Forgive - he is still in the game for the QE.



Race 6

CASTELVECCHIO got an all time 10/10 from Willow here and it’ll be hard to knock this off as the ride of the Autumn. It was just perfection and the horse was also set to respond. If you look at this race in isolation, you see that SHADOW HERO ran a R F L200m as the widest runner and want to be all over him for the Derby, but for me, this was a pass mark from WARNING and just a stepping stone to the 2500m. Convinced he peaks for the Derby, chews up the 2500m and wins.

HTF Still very keen on WARNING to win the Derby


Race 7

How good is FARNAN! He’s been up a long time and he is just completely bombproof. Tough, fit, settles on pace and does everything so professionally. For a 2yo to have only lost 1 from 6 is a sensational effort and he did it at both ends today - worked over early and still ran a R F L200m. I was convinced TAGALOA and HUNGRY HEART were more Sires/Champagne types and I still feel that way, but if FARNAN goes to the Sires he is going to be extremely hard to beat. TAGALOA was off the bit and chasing early, but kept coming out wide and I thought the run was good for longer. HUNGRY HEART could be anything as a 3yo! She’s doing this all on raw ability and I think she will be the 3yo star Filly in the Spring.


Race 8

Watched the replay several times and ploughed through the sectionals and I’ve found this an impossible race to assess. Great ride on I AM EXCITED - remind me again why they kept coming off the fence?


Race 9

ALERT! ALERT! Flashing light ALERT! BANGKOK was enormous in this! She was next to last on the bend and weaved a passage to hammer into 3rd in a clear R F L600/200m. Follow her up in trip in Mares grade at all costs!