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The Sydney Review April 3

3 weeks ago

After playing well last week, the track played poorly this week and there was a significant advantage to those settling on the fence and forward in run. Plenty of forgives and merit to runners making ground against the bias. 


CONRAD was smoked here parking 3 wide no cover on speed and against the eventuating pattern. He was slow to recover. Clear forgive. SAIF got a perfect run in transit from Willow, entitled to win well. GIN MARTINI an eye catcher, but railed up the inside and the eventual pattern may have flattered. 


MASTER OF WINE was a forget at G1 level, and for the time being, he’s a forget at Group level. Pattern was somewhat against, but he was still underwhelming. He spells now. SHARED AMBITION stacked them up pattern onside and sprinted too well.


This race has become a fantastic lead up for those to back up in the Derby next week, but the soft tempo middle stages on a Good track, as well as a lack of depth, has me a little sceptical if that can continue. If there was a Derby run, it was YOUNG WERTHER. I’ve always thought he was a bit of a myth, but he found the line well against the bias, was off the bit early and looked to be pulling away from a horse like CHERRY TORTONI late, the latter I query running 2500m. YALETOWN did a bit of work early to find the front, but he got a very soft time of it mid race and with the pattern of the day, was entitled to win. Wouldn’t follow him to the Derby.


Leader and leaders back quinella as was the trend. NIMALEE had the run, but she did have that foot issue, was runs spaced and historically was better on a track with some give, so the win has merit. ICE BATH is flying, desperate for a wet track! If she gets one in The Coolmore legacy then she enters discussions. QUANTUM MECHANIC strong late against the pattern. Had sweet run in transit, but still had track against. KRONE 1/5 lame and an abrasion. A forgive. Despite the G3 last week, stable have said track too firm? The may be the case in terms of back to back firm track runs, evidenced by the slight lameness. 


PRIME CANDIDATE worked early, but folded up easily. May not have come up. SIGNORE FOX had a sweet run and finished well. DEPRIVE unlucky. May not have won and his pattern is costly, but held up and had plenty to give. Desperate for Randwick.


Regardless of track pattern, 10.90 / 11.51 / 11.58 / 11.81 from the 1800m to the 1000m is just way, way too fast over this trip, particularly given HARMONY ROSE was 4 weeks into this going 16-2000m. She was walking late, but the run was very gutsy given the early work. Compare this to the two other 2000m races on the day and she ran her first 1000m some 17L faster than SHARED AMBITION and 19L faster than YALETOWN. She completely spanked any other on pacer. This brings her on well for the Oaks, but opportunity missed. If she got a breather early, she wins. That said, HUNGRY HEART was the only horse to win in this fashion for the entire day. She relished the strong tempo and made a move back and wide to run past them all. Given the pattern of the day, all honours. Forget anything else from this as an Oaks hope. Waller yet to decide where HUNGRY HEART goes. 


SIR DRAGONET put the “wet tracker” label to bed and this was dominant. Had that sweet trail rails in run, but this was too classy to say anything else deserved to win. All honours. Dropping back to 2000m in a Queen Elizabeth I would still have him clearly behind the two other stars. MIAMI BOUND is the one out of this for the Sydney Cup. She was backing up after an inexplicable fail last week, but she was held up and ran on hard in a race fastest L200m. Some give in the track and Randwick will be to her liking. SHE’S IDEEL also unreal at WFA. She had a better ran in transit than MIAMI BOUND and I think the latter will be stronger at 3200m. At this stage, I am set on REALM OF FLOWERS for the Sydney cup, but will be adding MIAMI BOUND to the books dropping to 51.5kg out of G1 WFA.


YAO DASH had pattern on side and was hard fit. Spanked them. Rates in the finish of the Doncaster Mile, but the Randwick Mile is a completely different story to the Rosehill 1500m on a mad leaders day. I’ll be opposing him next week. MISTER SEA WOLF outstanding given his $51 SP and he settled off rails and ran on hard off rails. Big run. Another win in him, even at 9yo, gave them all weight! GREY LION was a hidden run. Run off his feet at 1500m 1st up, but he ran the F L200m OTR. Look for him at 2000m+.


1 / 2 in the run finished 1 / 2, with STARSPANGLED RODEO hard against the fence fighting back. Given the pattern of the day, GREAT NEWS was outstanding settling off the rails and working early. A blessing in disguise for the Provincial Championships final, as winning her would have incurred a penalty at the weights. NUDGE is flying, ran the clear F L6/4/2000m OTR bias against. Get her to Randwick. ROYAL CELEBRATION jogged to the line under the big weight and was never tested, held up badly. Forget he ran.