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The Sydney Review Feb 20

2 weeks ago

Given the track had just 0.5mm of rain the past 24hrs and 44.5mm the past 7 days, I found it mind boggling that it came up a Heavy8. This had me thinking that improvement was unlikely, as not improving over the 24hrs leading in with minimal rain was a poor sign for the drainage. I got that wrong and the track raced closer to a Soft5 on the times. A day where it was very difficult to make a wide run from off midfield.  


Outstanding return from ANDERMATT and he put the writing on the wall for a good prep. That Anders form from early in his career stacked up. They went slow up top, and he had first use of the track, though it improved during the day, but he ran the F L600m of the meet. Follow. Forgive VOWMASTER who was back, wide and keen. Just the one trial, so can forgive him keen and back on the slow tempo. Doubt you get a price about him going forward though, could continue to go around ‘unders’. TOMMY GOLD… forget him!


BLUE MISSILE well rated. COMMANDO HUNT very good. Race fastest 4-200m and clearly, but way too far back from the gate and the pattern of the day was against.


Two very impressive returns. NIMALEE well ridden by R King (again!) and she sat OSL, put the right amount of pressure on the leader runs spaced, then ran past him like he was standing still. Building a good record. POLLY GREY was very good for longer. Had a very good debut Aus prep without winning and this return says follow on any tracks with give in them. ZIEGFELD very poor considering the strength of his overseas form. Wouldn’t sack, but would want to be seeing again.


MADAM ROUGE was truck loaded late and was very, very unlucky. Would follow 2nd up, but with runs spaced preferably; very good on the fresh side. SHE’S IDEEL with an absolutely magnificent return for a staying mare. Sprinted with sprinters fresh and ran a RF L200m. Whatever she targets, follow! Winner SUBPOENAED had a lovely cart and got the job done. Good fresh horse. POSITIVE PEACE gets better with racing, but not a run you want to follow up with. Poor.


With all due respect, this looks the B grade 2yo form for all the target races at least. Nice to see ROCKET TIGER, albeit a wayward ROCKET TIGER, measure up in town again. Improving track very much assisted HOME AFFAIRS. KING OF SPARTA unlucky not to place, copped a whopper of a check. 


SACRAMENTO hard fit and down in the weights got it done. Went a tad slower than usual, maybe that was the 5 weeks between runs, but when eyballed he said ‘see ya boys’. Loves a fight. THE LORD MAYOR was sneaky good fresh. Sitting OSL 2nd up to 1900m not ideal, but stuck on well. Wait for him to get to 2000m+. DADOOZDART… all hype, no bite! 


Well, AEGON has been part of some very busy finishes in NZ, then comes over here and spaces virtually our “A grade” 3yos. Does that say more about ours, or theirs? If the Filly he beat LS AMARELINHA comes over here, she will make an absolute mess of our 3yo Fillies! He had the run and got a terrific ride, but how on earth do any of these turn the tables with even luck? Track upgrades didn’t help PELTZER, but he was underwhelming. NORTH PACIFIC had the run, but he’s on track for whatever his Grand Final is. Me, I’m thinking a Rosehill Guineas over 2000m. LION’S ROAR a good return for what you’d expect is a Derby path.


EMANATE had the race run to suit, but completely dominant, went to a new level and can be followed. MUNITIONS good enough fresh off one trial. 1400m for him. FLAT HEAVEN wouldn’t have got to the same postcode of the winner, but had zero luck on Aus debut and looked to have a bit to offer. This was his first run for 670 days. Looks to me like a middle/low gate and 1400m, though most form is at 1200m, but often our tempos over here are that bit softer.


Intent wins races and that’s what happened here. No speed on paper and Parr took STARSPANGLED RODEO to the front and left the rest napping. FULMINA? You guessed it… A flashing light run! F L600m OTR by ~5L! Import LACKEEN very poor.