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The Sydney Review July 18

4 weeks ago

Well, I thought with the rail moving to the TRUE for the first time in a while, that early on the inside may be the place to be, but not to this extent. This was one of the most leader/rail bias tracks we have seen on a Saturday in quite some time. If you weren’t on the fence and/or close to the speed, you had Buckley's!


Race 1

We didn’t know the pattern yet, so the late tactics change to send GIOVANNA RUN forward was a winning move. She controlled the race and nothing else stood a chance. BAZOOKA not helped by pattern, CHOCCY GAFF ran on hard against the bias up in class, good run. MONTEFELIA good for longer, running home in the 3rd F L200m OTD off soft trials.

HTF MONTEFELIA over further.


Race 2

TALLIS led and won. MR MAGICAL settled OSL and looked like he was going to get there, but it was an agonising L100m for those of us that were on. His was a great run and he should be followed. 



Race 3

KILLIN ran them into the ground and when a leader on a hot rail runs the 2nd F L4/200m splits of the day, they cannot lose. The win was very good. TAILLEUR had no chance trapped 3 wide no cover. Rider dropped rein at 250m, too. The one to follow is clearly EMERALDS. Group class Filly suited over further and she ran the F L6/4/200m OTD and did so from back and wide against the pattern.



Race 4

Quite clearly the ride on LE LUDE won this race. Parked leaders back on the rail, got the split at the dream time and never left the conveyor belt. The run of KISS THE BRIDE was clearly the run of the race and he will be primed 4th up. All things being equal today, he just wins this. In between runners the trip, he bustled out top of the straight and made his run for home starting in lane 5, while the winner scooted up the inside. He was very good.



Race 5

Was waiting for a Good track (could be 8 months away in Sydney!) for PATHS OF GLORY, but he’s shown up here on Heavy for a nice win. He parked OSL and was too tough late. TORYJOY had all the favours leading on the rail and just couldn’t hang on. All credit to the winner.


Race 6

I’m no jockey, but I’m entitled to an opinion, and if he had his time again, I’d suggest TC would do things a little differently in the first furlong. SPENCER jumped well, and although he never would have led the winner MAN OF PEACE, the race was gifted to Louise Day on a silver platter. He jumped a half in front of MOP and could have kicked up and worked MOP for another 100m before taking his back. When a bias is prevalent, whoever wants it should be earning it. It wouldn’t have cost SPENCER anything to hold MOP out for another half section. He had the chance to dictate the tempo, instead, he was dictated to. Handed up too easily, folded back 2L and was beaten a head. 


Race 7

Gutsy win from SPACEBOY. The run of WITHERSPOON was huge! Trapped deep on a hot tempo, in the inferior going, but still stuck on late. Hers was the run of the race hands down. Sherry was stuck between a rock and a hard place on BLACK MAGNUM. WITHERSPOON outside him meant he couldn’t ease out. Instead, he had to try punch a gap that closed on him. Should have won, but can’t blame him for that. Unfortunately PHOENIX RIVER bled, so will incur the 3 month racing ban. ROSINA KOJINUP went no good, but did pull up ⅖ lame. 


Race 8

Depending on how much weight you want to give a prevalent bias, MADAM LEGEND was one of, if not the best, win of the day. Jockeys like Ceejay Graham, although only bob up now and then, are good claimers, because you know before the race what they want to do - go forward! She was trapped deep early and Avdulla on VITESSE made her work hard for 350m to eventually find the fence. Despite being worked over, the horse came back under her a treat and when you saw VITESSE off the bridle at the 400m, it was get in line! This was a very good win. I think 1400m is her pet trip. She goes for a little spell now and could come back and go through her grades nicely. STRAWB was slow to recover. Also raced back/wide. Maybe didn’t handle the Heavy track either. 


Race 9

They came for the only mapped leader in the last, ASSAULT’N’BATHORY, and a backmarker came over the top! Classic stuff! If he had won a Saturday BM78 the way he had been going, that would have just about done me. ZOURHEA was one to follow out of her sneaky good run 2nd up. The pattern was clearly against, but the speed was strong and she was able to overcome the bias and get up on the line. Really good win and she can win again at 16-1800m this prep.