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The Sydney Review May 1

2 weeks ago

Thin meet to dissect. 


GLENEAGLES good and home hard tempo against. 1000m-1400m impressive. Upside. ACHIRA found the line well for further.


STEELY is going very well and has upside. Similar grade, but looks a decent miler. SPENCER building for a weaker 1600m affair.


Winner LUNCIES looks just that; a winner. 5 wins from 8. Found the line very well here for 2000m+. RELUCENT was held up, changed course, ran home well. Was back in trip. This tops him off for a step back to 2000m+.


ATHIRI unlucky, not sure she beats the winner. SWEET DEAL sweet trip. AIR TO AIR did her thing. Flying, but just can’t get this far back in this grade!


Good return EMBRACER. It was soft and ears pricked, overall time fair, but gets better into his preps usually and now Gelded. JUST FIELD ran the F L600m OTD. Good for easier. 


EXOBOOM good win. Big, raw customer. Stacks of upside and will get 16-2000m in time. COuld be a very nice horse. Fave ELLSBERG could forgive. Didn’t lead, pressure up top was good and a little tightened late.


They didn’t go as hard here than met the eye and that length ROYAL CELEBRATIOn gave ARCHEDEMUS on the turn was the difference, as RC sprinted home in faster fractions. That said, a very well credentialled miler won and all honours, fave had his chance.