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The Sydney Review May 15

2 months ago

Track played well. Lanes 3-8 in the straight advantageous, but most had their chance


TIPPING POINT the one here. Travelled deep, stuck on well. 1600m now. 


SONNET STAR the only horse to break 35sec for their L600m and she stepped uncharacteristically slow. Has an engine. 1200m yes. 


NO COMPROMISE had no weight on it’s back, but it spotted the first two a long way and was home hard. Only horse to break 36sec L600m.This was his Aus debut and his low rating means he can be placed well to win at 2000m+.


BALLISTIC LOVER too good and great front running ride. EXPAT was left flat footed, but chased this strong tempo fresh and I’m thinking she looks like 1400m yes in a couple starts. NEWSREADER ⅕ lame, forgive. MAJESTIC SHOT very strong late. 1400m? Been up a while that said.


PRIME STAR too bad to be true. Had to eat up some pressure coursing deep early, but faded too easily. Vets report suggests he was bumped early and rider says he struck himself and thereby never travelled. This was confirmed by the stewards. EXOBOOM was good without cover. Desperate for 1600m now. MIDLAND dominant from the front and improving every start this prep. 


Everest horse? All superstars start somewhere and LOST AND RUNNING has barely put a foot wrong. Goes forward and gives a big kick from the front. Ran the F L200m OTR from the front. Perfect racing style. DEALMAKER F L600m OTR. An excellent return for a miler. TRUE DETECTIVE had the run, but a good return for a horse that is a winter operator. 


Nothing in the Vets for EMBRACER, has to trial before his return. Did eat some heat early and didn;t have to lead, but folded up a bit easy late. Poor ride on FITUESE fresh. Speed was on and she was always caught deep. Hindsight says she takes hold and rides her cold as per last prep. Tough run for a Mare first up with only one trial. SURREAL STEP was back in trip. Wants 1400m.


HULK is a fresh beast but better on dry tracks. Watch for runs spaced/dry track. Top return DREAM CIRCLE.


COUNT DE RUPEE far too good. Good horse. ZING excellent return from too far back, home in RF L6/4/200m. Big follow up in trip.