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7 months ago



The entry and payout procedure will be done through UNIBET.


Strategy/Quaddie Club Objective:

- Provide Five hours of entertainment. Keep interest throughout the day.

- Stay alive across as many quaddies as long as possible (avoid getting knocked out early).

- Create combinations that provide a good chance of returning 50% of stake (avoid wipe outs).

- Create combinations with a goal of returning 300-1000% with some luck. 






REGISTER (CLICK HERE) (compulsory - You can register FREE - just select "Bronze Free" and you will be eligible - of course we'd love you to try out our product as well!). Make sure you download the app after registering.


2. Once registered with TRC, you need to have a UNIBET account. Please use the following link to sign up so you are added to any and all TRC exclusive deals from Unibet (This includes the Quaddie Club, which is exclusive to TRC members). SIGN UP HERE (CLICK HERE) 




For anyone that signs up to UNIBET above or has an existing UNIBET account for Quaddie Club through TRC - they will be SUPER BOOSTING a runner for us each week. We will notify once up.  


You will find this BOOST in 'The Vault'

3. If you already have a Unibet account (and are already registered with TRC), please go to next step.

4. Now registered, use the following link to enter your stake in the Quaddie Club. You can enter for as little or as much as you would like. See below images for details.



5. After cut off time (11am AEST), we will announce the total pool in the "QUADDIE CLUB CHAT", located below the members chat room.


All correspondence will be through this chat room.


Betslips will be posted in the news feed in an article titled 'Quaddie Selections '7/11'


6. Any and All pay outs (according to your dividend) will be directly paid to your UNIBET account.


*Please note, if using a bonus bet to enter, you will only receive the profit back and not the stake. Treated the same as using a bonus bet on any runner.


Good luck and any questions, please feel free to contact: [email protected] at anytime.

*Terms and Conditions 

  1. Definition: The Race Club places quadrella bets Australia wide on behalf of members, who can voluntarily participate by entering a stake through the event platform holder, Unibet Australia. 
  2. The Race Club Australia hosts the event in collaboration with the Unibet platform. 
  3. Unibet are responsible for receiving entry deposits and distributing any and all dividends to participants. 
  4. Participants can enter any stake (up to $1,000) through the Unibet platform.
  5. A total starting pool for each Quaddie Club held will be defined at stated date and time on Unibet platform. The Race Club Australia DOES NOT take a commission or earning from the pool. Contributions by members are pooled IN FULL.  
  6. Each participants shareholding is defined by their stake amount ($) divided by starting pool amount ($). Ie, $100 stake in total starting pool $5,000 (100/5000) = 2% hold. 
  7. At the completion of the Quaddie Club (Correct weight of final quadrella placed by TRC), the closing pool will be defined. 
  8. Unibet will distribute any and all returns according to participants defined dividend of the total pool as soon as practicably possible. 
  9. The Race Club Australia is not responsible for any losses incurred by the participants of the Quaddie Club. 
  10. The Race Club Australia offers no such financial advice, investment advice or other. Participation is at the discretion of the member. By participating, you understand that entering the Quaddie Club is at your own risk. 
  11. Unibet Australia adhere to strict verification policy. It is up to each participant of the Quaddie Club to comply with their policies. The Race Club Australia will not be held liable for any or all verification processes. This is between the participant and Unibet Australia.