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Weir facing four-year ban from racing

2 years ago

Embattled trainer Darren Weir is facing a four-year ban from racing, after he decided not to contest charges regarding his possession of jiggers.

Racing Victoria stewards have requested the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary (RAD) Board “determine the charges laid against Mr Weir at the earliest opportunity”, with the stewards seeking a “disqualification for a period of four years”.

Last week, Weir’s stables were raided by police, which has led to the serious charges of the trainer "possessing three electrical apparatus and conduct prejudicial to the interests or image of racing".

Trainer Jarrod McLean is also facing a potential four-year ban, but he is expected to fight that charge.

Charges against Tyson Kermond will not be pursued.

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“This is a complex matter and the stewards were determined to be thorough and give due consideration to the submissions made, their legal advice and the ongoing investigations,” Racing Victoria integrity GM Jamie Stier said in a statement.

“Darren Weir is facing serious charges of possessing three electrical apparatus and conduct prejudicial to the interests or image of racing. He has advised the stewards that he will not contest those charges which have drawn considerable negative publicity to the sport.

“To that end, stewards have requested that the RAD Board expedite the hearing of Mr Weir’s charges at which point they will be seeking a four-year disqualification.

“Until such time as the RAD Board convenes to hear and determine Mr Weir’s charges, the stewards have imposed strict conditions on his licence that ensure he is not permitted to enter or race any horses as a trainer or owner.

“On the basis that Mr McLean advised the stewards that he will contest the charges against him, significant conditions have also been imposed on his operation until such time as the charges have been heard and determined by the RAD Board.

“In reaching these positions on the Show Cause Notices, the stewards note that investigations remain ongoing and that they reserve the right to act upon any new evidence that comes to hand during the course of those investigations.”